Shipping costs

We charge 5 € for postage and packaging to all countries of the EU and to Switzerland (25 EUR for the rest). Orders from a value of goods from 75,00 EUR and above to Germany, the EU states and Switzerland are free of charge. Shipping costs to non-EU countries are omitted for goods with a value of 300 € or more.

Shipping information

Information to calculate the date of delivery

The deadline for the delivery starts with the payment by prepayment on the day the payment order is placed at the transferring credit institution or, when using other payment methods, on the day after the conclusion of contract and ends with the end of the last day of the deadline. If the last day of the deadline is a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday recognized by the state at the place of delivery, the next business day takes its place.

Information on delivery times

The delivery time for the shipment to Germany is 1 to 2 business days, provided that the respective product is available for delivery.
In the table below you find the delivery times for the shipment to other countries, which have to be added to the delivery time stated at the respective item.

German Post/DHL - standard delivery time from Germany to the destination countries

country Area ZIP code Duration (days)*
    from to additional maxi. duration in days
B total   total 2
BG total   total 5
DK total   total 2
EST total   total 3
FIN Helsinki, Hämeenlinna 00000 -13999 3
  rest 14000 -99999 4
F total   total 2
GR total   total 6
GN north   AB; BT; DD; DG; EH; FK; G; 3
      HS; IM; IV; KA; KW; KY; ML;  
      PA; PH; TD; ZE  
  south   rest 2
Ireland total   total 3
Italy north 10000 -39999 3-5
  central 00000 -09999 3-5
    40000 -69999 3-5
  south 70000 -99999 4-5
LV total   total 4
LT total   total 4
L total   total 2
NL total   total 2
N** Oslo 0000 -1399 3
  rest 1400 -9999 4
A total   total 2
PL total   total 2
P total   total 4
RO total   total 4
CH** total   total 2
SE central / south 00000 -56999 2
  rest 57000 -99999 3
SKI total   total 3
SLO total   total 2
E total   total 3
CZ total   total 2
H total   total 3

When you order several items with different delivery times, we will send them in one package, unless we have come to a different agreement with you. In this case, the delivery time of the item with the longest delivery time applies.

* A shipment via Neustrelitz, Ottendorf-Okrilla, Rüdersdorf
(PLZ Bereiche: 01000 - 03999, 09520 - 09549, 09575, 09580 - 09639, 10000-19999) can result in longer delivery times.
** This information displays the standard delivery times without customs. In remote areas (poorly accessible areas) the delivery times may be longer.
DHL status: 01/2009 (PDF 7/2010)

Please contact our customer service if you have any questions about deliveries to other countries.

Please provide your phone or fax number with every order, so we can notify you in case an item isn´t available.

The delivery will be made by German Post/ DHL. For the following advantages regarding your parcels, please register with the responsible parcel service in your country:

You decide when and where you receive your parcels.

  • notification via SMS or email about the delivery date and time
  • 24/7 access to parcel stations
  • when you´re not at home: the parcel will be deposited in the place you appointed in advance

Order without risk: At Fairvital you principally purchase on a trial basis, because our satisfaction guarantee allows you an unrestricted right to return our bioactive vital substances within 24 months from the date of purchase - unconditionally. This also applies to already opened tins.

If you want to return products, please call us or send us an email, so we can send you a return label which allows you to send the products back free of charge. We will refund your money after the receipt of the returned products.

Under the section cancellation policy you can find the legally required information about the cancellation right for consumers in the mail-order business.

Am I able to track my current order on the internet?

If you have an internet connection and provided us your email address, you are able to look at your information and your order history. In the Fairvital online shop ( you find the button "My Fairvital". Here you are able to request a personal password, if not already done.

You can look up the processing status comfortably from home:

  • pending:
    The order has just been placed (by you or by our staff at the order hotline).
  • processing:
    Your order has been forwarded to the dispatch department.
  • shipped:
    Your order left our company and is on its way to you or has already been delivered.
  • shelved:
    We are not able to deliver your order yet due to unavailability of products. Thank you for your patience. Subsequent deliveries are, of course, postage free.
  • processed by our customer service
    Your order is still processed by our customer service. If we have any questions regarding your order, we will contact you by phone or email.