Scientific Advisory Board

The focus of our attention is on your health, your wishes and an individual problem resolution. That´s why we have a direct working and advisory board of medical professionals from practice.
The members of our Scientific Advisory Board support us with their professional know-how, their long-standing medical experiences and their personal passion.

The members of our Scientific Advisory Board:

Prof. h.c. Frank Jester

Wohldorfer Damm 12
22395 Hamburg

Doctor, dentist and author

Especially chronic diseases are the worst evil of mankind nowadays. Frank Jester investigates the causes for this health scourge with great care for the benefit of his patients.

The unique combination of medical, dental and alternative medical knowledge paired with scientific curiosity and a lively exchange of information with leading scientists has influence on his health books and the daily routine in his private medical and dental office in Hamburg. This leads to an astounding, indicatory perspective in holistic health.

During lectures and seminars, everyone interested in health learns about the backgrounds and coherences of various diseases of civilisation in simple language.

In a time of plenty a nutrient deficiency is first discovered when clinically apparent symptoms occur, which is far too late!
This is why Frank Jester has used the right dietary supplements for several years, but also shows in an unconventional way how to strengthen the body, for example with winter ice baths and a "Raw food bicycle tour" around the Baltic sea.

Because of the lectureship for alternative practitioners, Frank Jester´s knowledge is used and passed on in many North German health practitioners practices.

„Stagnation is the rust on the coffin nail. Vitality is all about movement. Apart from adequate physical activity in the fresh air, more than ever the mental mobility is an important guarantor for a fulfilled, brisk and healthy life. Today the patient critically examines and questions their state of health quite rightly, which would have been unimaginable 50 years ago. Patients expand their medical knowledge by browsing through websites and educational literature, which helps both sides. Often times the doctor becomes the student of their patients."

15.02.2014 Frank Jester was awarded an honorary title: Professor h.c. of Academy Kokshe in Kazakhstan. The honorery title was awarded during an international conference about L-arginine in practical medicine.

Isa-M. Albrecht

Wallisellenstr. 7A
CH-8600 Dübendorf

Health practitioner specialised in the field of blood group-specific nutrition, bioresonance therapy methods and orthomolecular medicine

Born on 11.08.1957 in Freiburg im Breisgau of Swiss and French nationality.

1985 successfull completion of the health practitioner and psychotherapist training, subsequently takeover of a practice.

Work experience in trade, creation, restructuring and sale of transitional homes in Germany

Resumption of working as a health practitioner along with the care and support of private patients and terminal care.

2001-2005 Distance learning in the matter of blood group-specific nutrition and nutrigenomics.

2005 Completion of distance learning in the works of and with Dr. Peter D'Adamo.

2006 -2008 Further education in the fields of BIT and BRT (bioresonance therapy methods) and orthomolecular medicine.

The cooperation with Fairvital exists since 2006, having the best experiences in the matter of logistics, products, product combinations and professional competence of all persons involved.

„I have the blood group A2B Rh+ myself and can tell you a thing or about physical ailments. The combination of blood group-specific nutrition and Fairvital products achieved an almost complete freedom from symptoms over the last years. I can recommend this excellent combination to everyone who suffers from physical and mental malaises, because Fairvital can help with their wide range of amino acids. “

Korkut Berdi

Douvermannstege 13
47546 Kalkar

Dentist and hypnosis coach

Medical and aesthetic dentistry, medical and guiding hypnosis, ästhetische Zahnbehandlungen, tooth rescue and dental implants

Life leaves its marks - even on the teeth. A sport accident or a fall can leave a gap in your smile. Through the decades, caries and parodontitis can cause tooth loss and discoloured teeth the end of friendships, but it doesn't have to get this far.

Did you know that bromelain from pineapples helps to prevent swellings after a major dental treatment? And did you know that the brown alga kelp not only provides valuable iodine, but that it is also able to bind mercury from amalgam fillings? Did you know that a B3 deficiency can cause bad breath or that Q10 is an insider tip for parodontitis? Consulting on vital substances is part of the everyday life in our practice in Kalkar. because your smile is important to us.

The staff in the dental office of Korkut Berdi is trained on the aesthetic effect on the face, because beautiful and healthy teeth are important for a beautiful radiance. Mr. Berdi and his highly qualified employees provide their patients with a fresh well-being day by day.

The range of services of Korkut Berdi and his employees includes the whole spectrum of dental treatments, medical and guiding hypnosis, dental implants and holistic consulting on vital substances. Have a look on

Dozent Cand. Dr. of Medicine Jens Mittelbach
(Univ. Shandong) Master of Medicine (Medical University of Guangxi)

Naturheilzentrum Döbeln
Bahnhofstr. 11
04720 Döbeln

Following this, a doctoral programme to achieve
Dr. of Medicine (Medical University of Shandong).
Health practitioner and Chinese TCM doctor in the People's Republic of China.

2014 Appointment as honorary lecturer

Health and wellness centre Warmbad, Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and alternative natural therapy with a focus on combining modern diagnostics, therapy and profound knowledge of healing by experience.

1990 – 1996 Study at the German Paracelsus Schools for natural therapies and training as a health practitioner

1996 – 1999 Internship and further education in general medicine, surgery, Chirurgie, internal medicine and naturopathic diabetology

1999 Examination and acquirement of the professional licence to practice as a health practitioner

Since 1999, practicing medicine in his own private practice with the treatment focus on allergology, paediatrics, naturopathic general medicine, diabetology, cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Medical university study at the National Medical University/University hospital of Nanning/Guangxi People's Republic of China, elite university with the highest international mit der höchsten internationalen classification.

Master of Medicine (Medical University of Guangxi) an a subsequent doctoral programme to achieve Doctor of Medicine (Medical University of Shandong).

Due to his exceptionally well graduation from the National Medical University of Guangxi magna cum laude, he was given a scholarship of the medical University of Shandong to promote his doctoral programme zur Förderung seines Doktoratsstudiums in the amount of 30.000 Renminbi. The University of Shandong had become aware of him because of his extraordinary talent in the field of medicine, his diligence and his determination.

„The concept of our practice is the combination of modern diagnostics, therapy and profound knowledge of healing by experience.
The focus is always on humans. Every health problem or disease requires an individual concept of diagnosis and therapy.
Apart from the treatment of pre-existing conditions, we give special importance to the prevention of diseases.
From my point of view, Fairvital offers an incredibly valuable and high quality range of dietary supplements for the natural vitalisation which promote the regeneration of diseased or exhausted organs and organ systems and serve the recovery of an optimal health.“

Martin Michalowski

Akademie für Gesundheit
und Leben
Kaarster Str. 148
41462 Neuss

Pharmaceutical representative and health practitioner.

Mycotherapy, healing with complex remedies, Komplexmittelheilweise, Bach flower therapy, massage, element theory, astrology, vital substance therapy, Vitalstofftherapie, smoking cessation

Medicine often doesn't work, because one is trying to treat everyone in the same way, which can't work satisfactorily.

Every human has a unique DNA profile, a unique fingerprint and a unique horoscope (cosmic fingerprint).

It´s important for the body to be supplied with the right nutrients, fuel and repair material. I can say from experience that they always have to be replaced in case of an injury or disease.

I can rely on Fairvital to provide me with useful and effective dietary supplements I can work with reliably and achieve good results in the patients. I have tried many supplements over the last 20 years, but only a few were able to meet my expectations regarding the quality and the health of my patients. For me, the right vital substances at the right time in the right amounts are the key to success.“