Donation campaigns for little Marcel and for the bone marrow donor center 2017


Fairvital donation cheque for the bone marrow donor centre Düsseldorf

Katalin Vadai, nutrition scientist at Fairvital, hands over the donation cheque for € 7375.01 to the bone marrow donor centre. There the money is used, to typify the tissue characteristics of many new donors. And maybe one of these new donors will be the right life saver for a sick patient!
The bone marrow donor centre Düsseldorf and the University Hospital Düsseldorf would like to express their sincere thanks for the donation.
Katalin Vadai and Fairvital would like to thank everyone who helped to achieve this amount.
Spendenscheck für die Knochenmarkspenderzentrale für Fairvital
Picture from left: Katalin Vadai, Dr. med. Johannes Fischer, come. Director of the ITZ, Anette Herda, Admin. Head of the bone marrow donor center

June 1st, 2017

Result of the Fairvital donation campaign for the bone marrow donor centre 2017

7375.01 € are donated to the bone marrow donor centre of the University Hospital Düsseldorf.
Fairvital Spendenaktion 2017
Many thanks to all Fairvital customers who made this amount possible.

May 4th to 31st, 2017

Together we can achieve a lot: Save lives with Fairvital!

A young man, just 18 years old, registered as a donor at the bone marrow donor centre in Düsseldorf. No one could have guessed at that time how quickly he would become the life saver of a little boy. Read on the back how a stroke of fate turned into a touching happy ending!
Knochenmarkspender Marvin
In Germany, about 12000 people suffer from leukaemia or other malignant blood diseases every year. This means that every 60 minutes a person is diagnosed with leukaemia.

The many individual fates of this insidious disease prompted Fairvital to launch a very special relief campaign in 2016. The fight against cancer requires one thing above all else: Money. Help us!

It's very easy: Order your favourite products as usual at Enter your advantage code*: Helfen2017 when placing your order and you will receive a 15% voucher* of which 10% will be forwarded directly to the bone marrow donor centre.

The bone marrow donor centre Düsseldorf has over 200000 active and voluntary donors and is one of the largest in Europe. Find out more at

Due to this occasion, this voucher can be redeemed as often as you like!

Together we can achieve a lot. Help us to save lives!

" Marvin is my hero"

is written on the t-shirt of little Grant, who can be happy again today thanks to Marvin's bone marrow donation!

In autumn 2010, the bone marrow donor centre of the University of Düsseldorf (KMSZ) visited the vocational college in Kempen and provided information about typing. At the time, Marvin Zumkley had no idea that he would save the life of a little boy by deciding to be typed.

"I didn't think long and decided to get a cheek swab. With my signature, I agreed to be included in the bone marrow donor file. That was the end of the matter for me.

Already in the following year the KMSZ wrote me and informed me that I might be a potential donor. After some investigations it was certain: I am the suitable donor.

"I would do it again anytime."

Lebensretter Marvin mit Grant aus den USA Life saver Marvin with Grant from the USA

Marvin Zumkley registered at the bone marrow donor centre as a pupil in the vocational college at the age of 18. Shortly afterwards he was asked to donate bone marrow to a little boy in America. The donation was successful.

" a contusion"

On 15 June 2011, I had just passed my vocational baccalaureate, the time had come. Under general anesthesia bone marrow was taken from my pelvis. One night in hospital followed. The whole thing looked like a contusion, so just a bruise.

At that time I did not know yet who should receive my bone marrow. Because it applies the rule that donor and receiver get the data of each other after two years. After a few weeks, however, I learned that the recipient was doing well.

"The moment of my first encounter exceeded all my expectations!"

After two years I received an e-mail from the boy's parents. They told me that I had saved the life of a little boy named Grant in California. They wrote me that the now seven-year-old was doing well and invited me and my girlfriend Kim to their ranch.

"An unforgettable experience."

The moment I first met Grant was indescribable. So far I knew him only from photos and stories from e-mails. I was very curious and wanted to get to know him better. But the moment of the first encounter exceeded everything. It was very emotional. We did a lot of things together, for example at Disneyland and Seaworld. It was an incredibly beautiful, unforgettable experience.

I can only recommend to anyone to be typified as a potential bone marrow donor. Personally, I would do it again any time, because the little effort of typing, examination and intervention is out of proportion to what can be achieved with it".

Without Marvin, Grant wouldn't be here with us today. Now both of them have found a friend for life.

Visit the homepage of the bone marrow donor centre of the University of Düsseldorf and register yourself as a donor. Perhaps you can also save your "genetic brother" or her "genetic sister" from death. Fairvital-Gutschein Mai 2017, Vorteilscode: helfen2017

Save lives together with Fairvital!

You will receive a 15% voucher, of which 10% will be forwarded directly to the bone marrow donor centre. Simply enter the advantage code* Help2017.
*Only valid for your order from 04. to 31. May 2017.
Cannot be combined with other voucher codes. Cannot be exchanged for cash.

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