Big fundraising campaign for the bone marrow donor centre 2016


Handing over of the Fairvital donation cheque at the bone marrow donor centre of the University of Düsseldorf

Monika Prinz hands over the donation cheque of the company Fairvital for 13790.22 € to the bone marrow donor centre. There the money is used to typify the tissue characteristics of many new donors. And perhaps one of these new donors will one day be a suitable lifesaver for a sick patient!

The bone marrow donor centre Düsseldorf and the University Hospital Düsseldorf would like to express their sincere thanks for the donation.
Monika Prinz and Fairvital would like to thank everyone who helped to achieve this impressive amount.
Spendenscheckübergabe für die Knochenmarkspenderzentrale

Picture from left: Dr. med. Johannes Fischer, com. Director of the ITZ, Monika Prinz, Anette Herda, Admin. Head of the bone marrow donor centre


Result of the Fairvital fundraising campaign for the bone marrow donor centre 2016

Fairvital Spendenergebnis für die Knochenmarkspenderzentrale 2016
Many thanks to all Fairvital customers who made this amount possible.


Save lives with Fairvital!

Health is the key to happiness. Health for body and soul is the highest good! For many people it is a given to be healthy and vital.

For others this happiness is unfortunately not granted. Like Monika Prinz, the former customer service employee at Fairvital.

Many of our long-standing customers certainly still know the power woman as a contact person in customer service. At some point she followed her great love to another city and we lost sight of her. Until recently. Facebook made it possible and the joy was great. Unfortunately it quickly turned into horror.

In 2012, Monika was suddenly diagnosed with cancer.

A bad stroke of fate and the beginning of a long, brave and - fortunately - successful fight against the disease. Monika Prinz has written down her moving story for you.

Moni's fate touches us - and has led us to launch a very special relief action. Because in the fight against cancer one thing is needed above all else: money!

How to save lives with a Fairvital voucher

Help us! It's very easy: Order your favourite products as usual at Enter your advantage code*: Helfen16 when placing your order at, by e-mail or by telephone and you will receive a 15% voucher of which 10% will be forwarded directly to the bone marrow donor centre.

The bone marrow donor centre in Düsseldorf has over 200000 active and voluntary donors and is one of the largest in Europe. Find out more at

Due to this occasion this voucher can be redeemed as often as you like!
Together we can achieve a lot. Help us to save lives!

The moving story of Moni Prinz

Monika Prinz

Monika Prinz "I am infinitely grateful to my donor."

Monika Prinz

Customers who have been buying from Fairvital for 10 years probably still know me. I was the power woman in customer service. I played in various TV shows and my band "Stormy Silence" and I inspired people with numerous performances.

In 2012 I was suddenly diagnosed with cancer.

The very rare and aggressive mantle cell lymphoma determined my life from then on. Unfortunately, various exhausting therapies did not lead to success. Overnight I suddenly lost my red curls and my body started to become smaller and smaller. Accompanied by agonizing pain. The fear of death grew with every month. Finally there was only one option for me not to have to die: Find a stem cell donor!

Unfortunately, the likelihood of finding his genetic twin is like winning the lottery. However, I had indescribable luck.

Moni Prinz
A suitable donor was found via the bone marrow donor centre at the University of Düsseldorf and on 16 April 2015 the time had finally come. Exactly one year later, on April 16, 2016, I look back and am infinitely grateful to my donor. I would not have experienced this day without you, my dear "brother". Today I think especially of you and our solidarity, which gives me strength.

I have come a long and difficult way and today I still have a whole series of treatments ahead of me before the therapy is finally completed. I probably would not have survived without the bone marrow donor center.

Meanwhile, I am actively involved in health counselling and sports therapy against cancer. For the bone marrow donor center, I have already been able to organise two successful campaigns in recent months.

Visit the homepage of the bone marrow donor centre of the University of Düsseldorf and register as a donor yourself. Perhaps you can also save your "genetic brother" or "genetic sister" from death.

Fairvital Gutschein 2016

Save lives together with Fairvital!

You will receive a 15% voucher, of which 10% will be forwarded directly to the bone marrow donor centre.
Simply enter the advantage code* Helfen16.