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The big Fairvital fundraiser campaign for little Ben 2019

30th July 2019

Donation voucher for the bone marrow donor centre in Düsseldorf

Fairvital Scheckübergabe bei der Knochenmarkspenderzentrale

Picture v. l.: Karolina Czabajska, Fairvital, Dr. Johannes Fischer, director of the ITZ, Lilian Schnellmann, referent for the management of the project KMSZ

23rd July 2019

Result of the Fairvital donation campaign for the bone marrow donor centre is certain

15,873.40€ will be transferred to the bone marrow donor center of the University Hospital Düsseldorf. Many thanks to all Fairvital customers who made this donation possible.

Fairvital Spendenergebnis für die Knochenmarkspenderzentrale


from 18th June to 22nd July 2019

A true story

Fairvital Leben retten

„Hello, my name is Ben...
… and I'm three years old. At just 14 months of age, I was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia."

After the diagnosis I had to go to the university hospital for chemotherapy for 8 months. Afterwards, I received 16 more months of chemotherapy at home. On February 28th, 2019 my family and friends could finally breathe a sigh of relief - the therapy was over.

On March 19, a shock followed: the blood cancer was back again. On April 24th it got even worse: I had to be put into an artificial coma because my body no longer had enough strength. Now it is time for my family to hope and pray that this critical state will soon come to an end.

I urgently need a bone marrow transplant. Please support the bone marrow donor centre in Düsseldorf so that as many typing procedures as possible can be performed. I very much wish for a suitable donor to give me back my life!

Help us!

Every 15 minutes a person in Germany is diagnosed with leukaemia. Some of the patients can be cured with medication. However, such treatment is often not possible. The only hope for a cure is a blood stem cell transplant. Finding a suitable donor is difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

The many individual fates of this insidious disease have already moved us in 2016, 2017 and 2018 to launch a very special relief action. Because the fight against cancer needs one thing above all else: money. Help us!

A very special Fairvital voucher

Fairvital Gutschein Leben retten

For each order with the advantage code HalloBen you will receive a 15% voucher*. 10% of these are forwarded directly to the bone marrow donor centre in Düsseldorf. You will receive the remaining 5% discount as a thank-you!

Together we can achieve a lot. Help us save lives together with Fairvital!

Children like Ben urgently need this support. The little boy has been fighting the insidious blood disease leukaemia for more than 2 years. Despite many treatments he has not lost his courage. He is the pride of his family. A brave fighter who you immediately take into your heart. With your help, you increase Ben's chances of finding a suitable donor.
Join us! You help saves lives!

Due to the occasion, this voucher can be redeemed as often as you like!

If you do NOT wish to participate in the fundraising campaign, please enter the advantage code July2019 when placing your order and you will receive the full 15% discount yourself. This code is only valid 1x per person.

* Campaign valid until July 22nd, 2019. Cannot be combined with other discount campaigns. Cannot be exchanged for cash.

Every Euro counts in the fight against blood cancer!

The bone marrow donor centre in Düsseldorf has over 200000 active and voluntary donors and is one of the largest stem cell registries in Europe.Find out more at

From the registration of a new donor to research work and initial typing - all this costs a lot of money. Increase the chance for children like Ben to find a suitable donor who will save his life. Please join our large Fairvital fundraising campaign.

The bone marrow donor centre in Düsseldorf supports Ben and his family

This way, he also benefits directly from your donation. But the chance of finding a suitable donor is much smaller than winning the lottery. It is therefore necessary to recruit as many people as possible as voluntary blood stem cell donors. Because every registration increases the chance to find a suitable donor for Ben.

Join us! Become a stem cell donor and save lives!

You can find all information about typing on Ben's website

Here you can directly request the typing documents, donate money and leave good wishes for the family.

Click here for the donation campaign 2018