All products are continuously and strictly controlled for prime quality. These controls are subject to the highest quality and control standards.

Product development build on best available scientific knowledge:

Wo constantly develop new products in cooperation with experts: doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists etc. The preparation of new innovative products includes the latest findings and studies of the conventional medicine, the nutritional medicine and important information of the alternative medicine, to achieve the ideal composition (see below) and an excellent effect of our vital substances.

Ideal composition of our products:

The composition complies with the latest scientific knowledge status, which means that we not only pay attention to an ideal combination and composition of the single active substances, but also to a high bioavailability, so that they benefit the health efficiently.

Furthermore, we declare all ingredients and refrain from using excepients, bulking agents and colourings, where possible. Our aim is to make our products tolerable for everyone, including people who suffer from intolerances towards particular ingredients such as gluten (celiac disease/sprue), lactose or fructose. For that reason we will continue to manufacture products which are free from gluten, lactose (milk sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar).

Additionally, our raw materials are constantly tested for genetic manipulation (non-GMO scans), because we distance ourselves explicitly from genetic manipulation.

Free from phthalates (plasticisers):

All tins (packaging) are free from phthalates. They are made of PET and HDPE, which are harmless to health.
When buying food supplements, always make sure the packaging is not made of polycarbonate, PVC or polystyrene. Those materials contain the phthalate bisphenol A, which are able to transfer from the tin to the content. Phthalates are problematic healthwise, because they are suspected to act like hormones and cause infertility, overweight and diabetes in men.

First class price-performance ratio:

Wo offer high quality food supplements at attractive prices.

By buying the products directly from the manufacturer, no unnecessary costs are incurred and you are able to benefit from this price advantage. We don´t dread the comparison with products of our competitors, because you can see for yourself that most of our products have a significantly good value for money regarding the high quality and the dosage of the active substances per capsule.