Perilla oil 500mg – 90 LiCaps®

The seed of the perilla plant contains high amounts of linolenic and linoleic acid.

The dominant omega-3 fatty acid with approx. 60% is alpha-linolenic acid. It´s even more than in flaxseed oil which contains about 50% alpha-linolenic acid. Omega-3 fatty acids from plant sources have decisive advantage. Vegetable fatty acids oxidise slower than fatty acids from fish oil.

Clinical and experimental studies show that Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous positive nutritional properties. For example, they have positive effects on the heart and the blood vessels and are suitable to add to a cholesterol-conscious nutrition. The added vitamin E is a radical catcher and supports the health-promoting effect of the perilla oil.

  • excellent source for unsaturated vegetable fatty acids
  • good alternative to fish oil
  • supports the natural fluid regulation of the skin
  • for the heart and cholesterol level
  • good for the health of the brain and the nerves
  • pure substance

New: Now in LiCaps®
LiCaps® is an innovative technology to seal liquid, fresh, pure and organic ingredients in hard capsules without any chemical or thermal treatment.

Content: 90 LiCaps®


Recommended intake:
Adults 3 LiCaps® daily with several meals and plenty of water.

Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily dosage. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of small children.

Three LiCaps® Perilla oil contain / %NRV*:
Perilla oil 1500mg
  of which oleic acid 135mg
  of which linoleic acid 162mg
  of which alpha-linolenic acid 810mg

Ingredients: perilla oil (Perilla frutescens), glazing agent hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, natural tocopherol mixture

Made in Germany


LiCaps® size  
Length 22mm
Width 22mm
Diameter 7mm

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Perilla oil 500mg – 90 LiCaps®

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