Vitamin A 10,000 I.U. - 120 tablets


Vitamin A is involved in eyesight, growth, fertility and cell differentiation

Even the ancient Egyptians knew that the consumption of beef liver, which is rich in vitamin A, supports or maintains a better night vision. “The consumption of liver was the first functional food rich in vitamin A”, the authors of a review in the Clinical Monthly Magazines of Ophthalmology (Thieme, Stuttgart, 2010) explain.

Long periods of watching TV, extensive reading, working on the PC, driving at night and intensive sunlight often put a great strain on our eyes. A sufficient supply with vitamin A is beneficial to help cope with these daily demands.

Vitamin A for the skin and mucous membranes

Vitamin A is needed for the function and division of epithelial cells; it affects growth, the formation of skin, mucous membranes and cartilage tissue.
Vitamin A is able to support the formation of the protective mucosa in the intestines, due to the protective effect of vitamin A on the epithelial tissue, which is responsible for the formation of the intestinal mucosa.

Vitamin A: eye vitamin

Along with the protein opsin, vitamin A forms the visual purple (rhodopsin) in the rods and cones of the retina and therefore plays an essential role for the visual process. It also promotes scotopic vision (night vision).

Vitamin A supports the blood formation

Vitamin A contributes to a normal iron metabolism and supports the haematopoiesis (blood formation), which leads to an increased production and release of red blood cells.

Vitamin A´s function in the cell specialisation

It is also of importance for reproduction processes such as the development of the placenta and the foetus as well as the testosterone production.

Why you should choose the vitamin A tablets by Fairvital

  • is able to support the formation of the protective intestinal mucosa
  • for good mesopic and colour vision
  • to maintain the health of skin, hair, bones, gums, teeth and mucous membranes
  • small tablets, easy to swallow
  • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide
  • bulk pack for 4 months
  • vegan

Content: 120 tablets

Recommended intake:
Adults 1 tablet daily with a meal and plenty of water.

Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily dosage. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children.

One tablet Vitamin A 10,000 I.U. contains / %NRV*:    
Vitamin A 3000µg / 375%    

* NRV: nutrient reference values as per EU regulation

Ingredients: bulking agent microcrystalline cellulose, retinyl palmitate

Made in Germany

tablet size  
Length 10mm
Width 4mm

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Vitamin A 10,000 I.U. - 120 tablets

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