OPC 300mg – 90 capsules

OPC: highly dosed antioxidant against free radicals and for the strengthening of the blood vessels

OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) is a group of very diverse and effective secondary plant substances. They are used by the plants to protect them against UV radiation, climatic conditions and parasites.
Within a few minutes, the antioxidant is resorbed through the gastric mucosa into the blood stream and spread throughout the body, because OPC has a high bioavailability. It reaches its highest concentration within 45 minutes and is usually used up by the organism after 72 hours.

Do you have unpleasantly looking veins or tired legs?

OPC can support a good condition of the blood vessels and the skin. It has a beneficial effect on the circulation, on the capillary vessels in particular. This way, it prevents a too high permeability (penetrability) of the vascular walls and therefore, some experts call it “Vitamin P”. OPC supports the endogenous repair processes on the vascular walls and promotes the elasticity of the blood vessels as well as the removal of deposits. Everyone who suffers from unpleasantly looking veins or tired legs should try OPC!

OPC is involved in the collagen and elastin synthesis as well as in the formation and repair of the human tissue. Collagen and elastin are fibrous proteins, which are located between the skin cells to keep our skin tight and flexible.
By strengthening the collagen, OPC makes the skin become tighter and counteracts unsightly dimples on the bottom and legs. The skin on the face also benefits from the effect of OPC on the connective tissue.

Strong antioxidant

OPC is known to be able to neutralise free radicals and to render them harmless. Antioxidants play an important role in the immune system and in slowing down the aging process in the body.
Free radicals attack our cells constantly. This process is part of the normal vital processes in the organism. These attacks become stronger by means of living conditions, which make it difficult for the organism to fight them off. These conditions include environmental toxins, car exhausts, pesticides, emotional and physical stress, cigarette smoke, rancid oil or grilled meat. Even free-time activities such as sport or gymnastics increase the attacks of free radicals. The more we are living under such conditions, the more oxidative stress we are exposed to; and the more antioxidants we need to fight them off.

OPC is able to cross the blood-brain-barrier as well as the blood-spinal cord-barrier, where it can be fully effective.

Grape seed extract

This OPC by Fairvital is from a natural source and is derived from red grape seeds. The grape seed extract contained in the capsules is standardised to a content of 95% oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC). A standardised extract ensures the actually strength of the particular ingredient. Non-standardised extracts can be subject to large variations. When you buy OPC capsules, always make sure that they contain a standardised extract.

  • activates the natural immune system
  • strong antioxidant
  • vascular protection by strengthening the collagen
  • for tired and heavy legs
  • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Content: 90 capsules


Recommended intake:
Adults 3 capsules daily ½ hour before or after the meals with plenty of water.


Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily dosage. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of small children.

Three capsules contain:
grape seed extract 948mg
       of which OPC 900mg


Ingredients: grape seed extract (contains 95% OPC), glazing agent hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule), bulking agent microcrystalline cellulose, L-leucine

Made in Germany

capsule size  
Length 21.4mm
Width 7.64mm

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OPC 300mg – 90 capsules

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