Colloidal silver 1100ppm – 30ml non-ionic

Highly concentrated colloidal silver!

It´s free from silver ions, which could deposit and accumulate in the body.

Silver has been used for thousands of years in the traditional healthcare. The Chinese developed acupuncture approx. 7000 years ago and cultivated this method more and more. In the beginning, they used wooden pins or thorns and later on, they switched to gold and silver needles. They discovered the effect of silver rather quickly. Nowadays millions of alternative practitioners use silver needles for acupuncture. The old Egyptians were aware of the effects of silver as well. It became a part of the Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian and Chinese medicine.

According to ancient tradition, silver was also used to ward off demons. Aristocratic families kept their supplies in silver chests. They only drank and ate from silver cups and plates. Excessive use of silver can result in slightly bluish lips and mouths, which may be the reason why aristocratic persons were said to have blue blood.

  • genuine colloidal silver
  • free from silver ions
  • pure substance

When you buy colloidal silver, always pay attention.

Ionic silver is less valuable health wise. Chemically, the silver ion is an atom, which lacks an electron. Silver ions are produced by electrolysis and are also known as “dissolved silver” or “electric colloids”, which is, scientifically speaking, incorrect. Ionic silver is either as clear as water or slightly yellow. It is no colloidal silver.

In the human body, silver ions form complexes with chlorine ions, for example, which results in silver chloride. The specific properties of the silver are lost during the process. Silver chloride is a compound, which can´t be broken down nor be removed by the human body. A typical sign is a pale complexion, because the silver chloride deposits under the skin.
Most silver products contain ionic silver, because it is simple and cheap to produce.

Genuine colloidal silver consists of small nanoparticles of the metallic silver.

The atoms are complete, don´t have an electric charge and are not able to build complexes with other elements. The body can remove colloidal silver particles easily, so they don´t accumulate.

The small particles of the genuine colloidal silver are often already absorbed in the mouth, the stomach and the intestines. That´s why it´s important to use highly concentrated colloidal silver to make sure it reaches the lower intestine and kills unwanted bacteria there as well. Ionic silver looks for a binding partner (primarily chloride from HCl) and isn´t able to kill bacteria anymore.

The production of genuine silver colloids is a difficult, complicated and expensive process. That´s why most manufacturers decide to produce ionic silver instead of colloidal silver and to call it colloidal silver. Fortunately, more and more customers know the difference: If it looks like water, it is ionic silver, not genuine colloidal silver.

Content: 30ml

Not suitable for consumption!

For external use: apply to the affected area several times a day.

Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Half a teaspoon contains:
silver (colloid) 1100ppm, equivalent to 1.375mg

Ingredients: silver (colloid (Nano); 0.11%), distilled water

The concentration is indicated in ppm (parts per million), which describes the amount of the active substance (silver) in 1 million solvent content (distilled water). 1100ppm means 1100 parts of silver in 1000000 parts of water, an equivalent to 1100mg per litre.

Use within 3 months after opening the bottle.

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Colloidal silver 1100ppm – 30ml non-ionic

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