Alpha-lipoic acid 300mg – 90 softgels

Alpha-lipoic acid: all-rounder with a key function and essential abilities

What is alpha-lipoic acid?

Alpha-lipoic acid is a sulphurous essential fatty acid, which is also called thioctic acid. It has vitamin-like properties and is partly synthesised in the liver.

What does alpha-lipoic acid do?

A special ability of alpha-lipoic acid is the regeneration of the antioxidant properties of vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and glutathione. In its role as a water- and fat-soluble antioxidant and regenerator of other substances, alpha-lipoic acid is able to inhibit an excessive spreading of free radicals. That´s why its high redox potential has an important key role in the antioxidative system of the body.

Alpha-lipoic acid supports the removal of heavy metals

Additionally, it is able to bind heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, nickel and cadmium and to remove them from the body.

Alpha-lipoic acid promotes the metabolism

Latest findings show that alpha-lipoic acid has thermogenic properties, which increase the basal metabolic rate of the body and contribute to a normal energy metabolism.

A path-breaking, basic-scientific publication of Min-Seon Kim, published in the magazine Nature Medicine (Vol 10, Number 7:727-732), states that alpha-lipoic acid has important properties which make it particularly suitable for a weight-controlling diet. It inhibits the insulin release by directly affecting the beta cells of the pancreas. The reduced lowering of the blood sugar levels counteracts the small attacks of hunger throughout the day.

Why you should choose the alpha-lipoic acid capsules by Fairvital

  • can be of importance for the blood sugar level
  • supports the conductivity of the nerves
  • for healthy blood vessels
  • supports the brain performance – at every age
  • contains the R- and S-form
  • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Content: 90 softgels

Recommended intake:
Adults 1 softgel daily, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water.

Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily dosage. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children.

One softgel contains:
alpha-lipoic acid 300mg

Ingredients: alpha-lipoic acid, emulgator soy lecithine, soybean oil (hydrogenated), soybean oil (raffinated), gelatine (bovine; softgel shell), humectant glycerol, colouring agent iron oxid (softgel shell)

softgel size  
Length 25mm
Width 9mm


Muy buena calidad , Oct 30, 2018
todo perfecto
written by: Daniel E.
no title , Nov 6, 2011
Ich nehme seit kurzem Alpha-Liponsäure zur Verstärkung der Wirkung von Q10 und der anderen Antioxidantien. Bisher ist es gut verträglich, aber um wirklich eine Änderung festzustellen muß man es wohl länger nehmen.
written by: Marion O.
no title , Oct 24, 2011
Meine Vergeßlichkeit nahm nach ca. 10 Tagen ernorm ab. Dank Alpha-Liponsäure!
written by: Eva P.
no title , Oct 24, 2011
Ich nehme zwei Kapseln pro Tag zur Verstärkung der Wirkung von Co-Enzym Q 10 und für die Leber. Das haben Wissenschaftler in den letzten Jahren entdeckt: Alpha-Liponsäure ist neben Mariendistelextrakt eines der besten Leberentgiftungsmittel.
written by: Ursula K.
no title , Oct 22, 2011
Alpha Liponsäure unterstützt andere Antioxidatien in deren Wirkung; sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis (ich bestelle Alpha-Liponsäure 5 plus 3 gratis)!!!
written by: Erwin B.
no title , Oct 21, 2011
Nehme jeweils 4x täglich vor jeder Mahlzeit sowie vor dem Schlafengehen 1 Kapsel ein. Empfohlen wird ALA und die Dosiermenge von Timothy Ferriss in seinem Buch "Der 4-Stunden Körper". Helfen soll dies bei der Gewichtsabnahme. Ich hab bereits mit der im Buch beschriebenen Methode über 11kg abgenommen. Die Kapseln sollte man unbedingt nur nehmen, wenn man auch danach unmittelbar was essen will, denn sonst kriegt man relativ schnell Übelkeitsbeschwerden und/oder Sodbrennen.
written by: .

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Alpha-lipoic acid 300mg – 90 softgels

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