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For a healthy digestive system with dandelion, chamomile, horsetail, liquorice (DGL), milk thistle and mint

The digestive system of dogs is very sensitive and it´s not surprising that digestive problems are quite common. There are several reasons for digestive problems, but they are mostly diet-related. Maybe the portions are too big and should be divided into smaller portions given throughout the day, so the digestive tract can function properly. Maybe the dog food or the treats contain ingredients, which are hard to digest. Have a look at the label.

Nature provides different herbs, which are able to soothe and regenerate the digestive tract:


Dandelion root is known for its positive effect on organs involved in the digestion. That is why it is used for digestive problems such as flatulence and bloating. The contained bitter substances stimulate the bile flow, which leads to an improved fat digestion. Furthermore, dandelion is one of the most important “liver plants” besides milk thistle and artichoke.


The essential oils in chamomile have soothing effects on the digestive system. Chamomile also promotes the digestion and the wound healing and activates the immune system.


Horsetail has positive properties for the digestive system. Because of its high proportion of silicic acid, it is used to strengthen the connective tissue, for a healthy skin and thick fur. The plant contains especially high amounts of minerals, potassium salts in particular, as well as flavonoids and saponins, which have a slight diuretic effect.


Due to its soothing and mucigenous properties, liquorice is used to protect the digestive tract. The sweet constituent glycyrrhizin, which is about 50 times sweeter than cane sugar, was removed from the liquorice in this product.

Milk thistle

Extracts of milk thistle have been used for centuries for digestive problems and to promote the liver function. The beneficial effects, which are attributed to this plant, are based on the active substance silymarin. Milk thistle extracts can strengthen the digestive function as well as counteract bloating, ructus and flatulence.


Peppermint can have a positive effect on the stomach and intestines and can prevent flatulence. Mint can also be helpful with bad breath in dogs.

Benefits of the feed supplement for the intestines by Vetipur

  • promotes a healthy digestion
  • soothing and mucigenous properties
  • can protect the gastric and intestinal mucosa
  • good acceptance due to poultry liver and garlic powder
  • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Acceptance and tolerance

Vetipur products for dogs contain garlic and poultry liver as acceptance booster. You may already know that your dog would do just about anything for a bread with liver sausage and you probably noticed or smelled that liver can cause flatulence in dogs. That is why we solely use hydrolysed liver. In the hydroxylation process, the protein chains, which are normally broken down by enzymes during the digestion, are artificially divided. This increases the absorption rate in the digestive tract and reduces the resting time in the intestines.

Content: 90 tablets

Feed recommendation:
with a body weight of up to 10kg 1 tablet daily
with a body weight of up to 20kg 2 tablets daily
from a body weight of 20kg 3 tablets daily

Give the tablets with the feed or as a treat on the side. Please provide your dog with a sufficient amount of fresh water! Pay attention to a well-balanced nutrition and make sure your dog has enough movement!

One tablet contains:
dandelion root extract 10:1 150mg
camomile flower extract 150mg
horsetail powder 150mg
glycyrrhizin-free liquorice (DGL) 150mg
milk thistle extract 150mg
   of which silymarin 120mg
peppermint leaf powder 10mg
raw protein 9.8%
fat content 2.4%
crude fibre 12.7%
crude ash 13.9%

Ingredients: dandelion root extract (10:1), camomile flower extract, horsetail powder, glycyrrhizin-free liquorice (DGL), milk thistle extract (contains 80% silymarin), hydrolysed liver, microcrystalline cellulose, garlic powder, peppermint leaf powder


tablet size  
Length 13mm
Width 8mm

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Gut-active - 90 tablets for dogs | Vetipur

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