Black Cohosh extract 500mg - 120 capsules

Black Cohosh: for typical women’s troubles

Botanical: Cimicifuga racemosa
Chinese: Hei Sheng Ma
English: black bugbane, black snakeroot, fairy candle, rattle root, rattlesnake root

Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa or Actaea racemosa) belongs to the family of Ranunculaceae (buttercup family). It is also known as black bugbane, black snakeroot, fairy candle, rattle root or rattlesnake root.

Black cohosh has proved to be beneficial during menopause and premenstrual days

Black cohosh is a medicinal plant with a long tradition and it originates from North America. Even the Native Americans knew its special value and used it successfully for women’s troubles. In Germany, the root of the plant has been used since 1940. Studies expanded the knowledge about black cohosh. It can be of importance for a normal menstrual cycle or provide extra support for hot flushes, discomfort and mood swings during menopause as well as premenstrual days.
Black cohosh is able to support the bone formation processes as well.

Hormonal changes during menopause

During the period of hormonal changes in women’s lives, which usually occur around the age of 50, there can be symptoms, which some women perceive as unpleasant such as hot flushes, mood swings, dry mucous membranes or weight gain. Some women experience strong symptoms, some only have mild symptoms and other don’t have any symptoms at all.
During postmenopause, the hormonal stimulation of the oocyte maturation remains  the same for a long time, while the response from the ovaries is missing. This hormonal situation leads to the typical symptoms. When the change is complete after several years, many women experience an absolutely good phase of life with plenty of vitality and a certain serenity.
The following ingredients of black cohosh are known: triterpene glycosides and cimicifugoside, the resinous cimicifugin, alkaloids, cytisine, methylcytisine and flavonoids.

Black cohosh extract 500mg by Fairvital has the following benefits

  • popular remedy for typical women’s troubles
  • proved to be helpful during premenstrual days and menopause
  • for hot flushes, discomfort and mood swings
  • vegetarian and vegan
  • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Content: 120 capsules

Recommended intake:
Adults 2 capsules daily in divided doses with meals and plenty of water.

Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily dosage. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children. Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Two capsules contain:
black cohosh root extract 1000mg
L-Leucine 60mg

Ingredients: Black Cohosh Extract (Root; Cimicifuga foetida L.), Glazing Agent Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (Capsule Shell), Bulking Agent Microcrystalline Cellulose, L-Leucine, Anti-Caking Agent Rice Extract Blend, Anti-Caking Agent Calcium Salts of Orthophosphoric Acid

capsule size  
Length 23.3mm
Width 8.53mm

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Black Cohosh extract 500mg - 120 capsules

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