Intestinal care with psyllium

Psyllium: for healthy and regular bowel movement

Silent, unnoticed from others and on a regular basis: That is how we wish our digestion to be, because a functioning digestive process is not only essential for our organism, but the foundation of our well-being.

What is psyllium?

Psyllium (Lat.: Plantago ovata), also known as psyllium seed husks, belongs to the plant genus Plantago and is mostly native to Southwest Asia and North Africa.
In India, psyllium is a popular natural food product to support the intestinal health.


Psyllium seed husks are rich in fibres, which are able to contribute to our well-being in a lot of different ways.


The fibres of the psyllium seed husks have to special ability to bind plenty of water. This leads to an enlarged volume of the bolus in the intestines, which promotes the peristalsis (intestinal movement) and reduces the dwell time in the intestines.


The psyllium seed husks also bind water in the stomach, which leads to an enlarged volumes of the bolus and a longer lasting feeling of satiety.


In the intestines, fibres such as fibres from psyllium seed husks bind bile acids, which are important for the digestion. They are then excreted together with the fibres, which stimulates the endogenous production of bile acids, for which, in turn, cholesterol is used. This can contribute to a normal cholesterol level.

Advantages of the psyllium powder by Fairvital

  • for a good intestinal passage
  • stimulates the bowel function
  • can contribute to a normal cholesterol level
  • supports clean intestines
  • pure substance without any additives
  • vegan

Content: 400g

Recommended intake:
Adults consume 1 level measuring spoon (approx. 18g) daily throughout the day. Mix the psyllium seed husks thoroughly with water and let them swell briefly before drinking. Alternatively, mix them with a warm beverage, juice, yoghurt or other foods.

Please ensure an adequate liquid intake: One litre of liquid per measuring spoon additionally to the normal daily drinking liquid.

Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily dosage. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children.

One measuring spoon (18g) contains:
psyllium seed husks

Ingredients: psyllium seed husks powder (Plantago ovata)

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Intestinal care with psyllium

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