Schisandra - 90 capsules

Schisandra (Wu Wei Zi) containing 9% schisandrin

Botanical: Schisandra chinensis
Chinese: Wu Wei Zi
English: magnolia vine, schisandra berry

The universality of the schisandra berry is reflected in the Chinese name Wu Wei Zi, which shows that schisandra is an herb with five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, hot and bitter corresponding to the five elements in the TCM.

The small red fruit is a star among the beneficial berries from the Middle Kingdom. For thousands of years it is an herb of the highest category: strengthening, stimulating and simultaneously balancing, harmonising.

Schisandra is an adaptogen

Similar to ginseng, schisandra has adaptogenic properties and helps the body to adapt during tense times.

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  • contains Schisandra fruit powder and Schisandra extract
  • standardised to 9% schisandrin
  • vegetarian and vegan
  • gluten-free, lactose-free
  • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide

Tip for combination: Omega-3 fatty acids

Content: 90 capsules

Recommended intake:
Adults 1 capsule daily with a meal and plenty of water.

Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily dosage. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children.

One capsule contains:
schisandra fruit powder 350mg
schisandra extract 150mg
   of which schisandrin 13.5mg
L-leucine 30mg

Ingredients: schisandra fruit powder, schisandra extract (contains 9% schisandrin), glazing agent hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule shell), rice starch, rice bran extract, L-leucine, bulking agent microcrystalline cellulose, rice hull concentrate, rice extract blend


capsule size  
Length 23.3mm
Width 8.53mm

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Schisandra - 90 capsules

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