NADH 20mg sublingual – 60 tablets

NADH tablets: more energy, performance, concentration and vitality

NADH is “biological rocket fuel”. No matter if our energy is consumed by mental or physical exertion, there are moments in which we wish to have an extra energy boost. NADH is for all those people, because the more NADH is available in the body, the more energy it can generate.

NADH tablets as a daily helper

Do you know this drained feeling after an exhausting day when you don´t have any energy or strength left? Do you wish to spend more time with your family or friends?

In the USA, NADH is has already been used successfully for many years: As an energy and strength supplier for strong nerves, for exhaustion and tiredness. It is beneficial for heart and blood vessels, can be of importance for a well-balanced state of mind, promotes the ability to concentrate and activates the natural immune system.

NADH (nicotinamide-dinucleotide-hydrogen) plays an important role in the energy generation of every human cell such as the brain cells, which promotes mental freshness.

Perfect for long conferences, exams, learning, increased athlete performance or during/after a long flight.

Rich in content: 20mg NADH per tablet. 60 tablets per package.

  • provides more energy
  • quickly energising coenzyme
  • sublingual
  • refreshes body and soul
  • highly bioavailable
  • quick and safe resorption

Content: 60 tablets

Recommended intake:
Adults dissolve 1 tablet daily under the tongue.

Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

One tablet contains:
NADH 20mg

Ingredients: dextrates, raspberry powder, NADH (reduced nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide), natural raspberry flavour

tablet size  
Length 17mm
Width 9mm

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NADH 20mg sublingual – 60 tablets

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