More than 400 high-quality, bioactive health products

Fairvital is a manufacturer and seller of bioactive micronutrients characterized by physiologically balanced formulas, high bioavailability and a great quality. Numerous physicians and demanding customers with high nutritional knowledge use more than 400 products for their health.

Fairvital products are composed, documented and certified on the basis of current scientific results and studies.

All products are subject to the strict norms and controls of the German food control administration. Independent laboratories constantly test our products for purity and ingredients. Fairvital and their raw material suppliers are certified in accordance with the internationally recognized quality standards HACCP and ISO 9000.

We declare all ingredients and refrain from using unnecessary excipients, bulking agents and colourings where possible.

Free from phthalates (plasticisers)

All tins (packaging) are free from phthalates. They are made of PET and HDPE, which are harmless to health.
When buying food supplements, always make sure the packaging is not made of polycarbonate, PVC or polystyrene. Those materials contain the phthalate bisphenol A, which are able to transfer from the tin to the content. Phthalates are problematic healthwise, because they are suspected to act like hormones and cause infertility, overweight and diabetes in men.

We don´t use genetically modified raw materials (non-GMO)! Furthermore, we explicitly distance ourselves from animal testing.

We offer various ways to order Fairvital products. Choose the one you prefer:

By phone

Order hotline: 00800-11779933 (toll-free in European countries) or
0800-11779933 (toll-free in Germany)

Customer service: +31-455 69 21 53

General consulting service:
in Germany: 0180-7755331 (T 0,14 €/minute, landline DTAG incl. VAT, mobile max. 0,42 €/min. incl. VAT), international: +49-180-7755331

blood group-specific consulting service: +41-44-980 04 22 (German, English, French)

by fax
00800-11779911 (toll-free in D, A, CH) or
+ 31-45-569 1955

Just put the completely filled-in order form with your complete delivery address on the fax. It´s convenient and simple.

by email  
General consulting service: 
Blood group-specific consulting service: 
by internet

Visit our online shop 24/7.

by mail
Send your written order postage-free to the following address:
Fairvital BV
Int. Antwortnummer 60310

NL-6430XV Hoensbroek




Save at least twice with Fairvital!

  • Use our scale of discount in any case!

  • If you pay by SEPA direct debit, you will be refunded 3% in the form of a good voucher after the end of the year.

  • Your order above 75,- EUR will be delivered postage free within the EU. The parcel post insurance is included in any case and won´t be charged extra.

  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter which you will receive by email. It doesn´t only contain the latest news about health and vital substances, but it also informs you about special offers, free products and real bargains.

  • Order without risk: At Fairvital you principally purchase on a trial basis, because our satisfaction guarantee allows you an unrestricted right to return our bioactive vital substances within 24 months from the date of purchase - unconditionally. This also applies to already opened tins.

Fairvital: The name speaks for itself!

Fairvital offers you a free, competent, individual consulting service over the phone.

Your questions about health, illness, nutrition and food supplements will be answered by qualified ecotrophologists.

Call us:
in Germany: 0180-7755331 (T 0,14 €/minute, landline DTAG incl. VAT, mobile max. 0,42 €/min. incl. VAT)
International: +49-180-7755331
Mrs. Albrecht (scientific advisory board) will be happy to answer your questions regarding the blood group-specific nutrition:

+41-44-980 04 22 (German, English, French), wyal@ggaweb.ch

Or send us an email: beratung@fairvital.com