More than 400 bioactive and high-quality health products

Fairvital is Europe's largest online shop for vital substances. More than 15 years of experience in the conception and production of high-quality food supplements make Fairvital the first choice for nutritionists, alternative practitioners, natural doctors, physicians and demanding consumers with a high level of nutritional knowledge.

The extensive range of over 400 health products offers support in every situation. You will find the natural active substances in the online shop sorted according to fields of application and the associated vital substance groups such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, coenzymes, plant extracts, fatty acids and probiotics.

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All products are subject to the strict norms and controls of the German food control administration. Independent laboratories constantly test our products for purity and ingredients. Fairvital and their raw material suppliers are certified in accordance with the internationally recognized quality standards HACCP and ISO 9000.

We declare all ingredients and refrain from using unnecessary excipients, bulking agents and colourings where possible.

Free from phthalates (plasticisers)

All tins (packaging) are free from phthalates. They are made of PET and HDPE, which are harmless to health.

When buying food supplements, always make sure the packaging is not made of polycarbonate, PVC or polystyrene. Those materials contain the phthalate bisphenol A, which is able to transfer from the tin to its content. Phthalates are problematic healthwise, because they are suspected to act like hormones and cause, for example, infertility, overweight and diabetes in men.

We don't use genetically modified raw materials (non-GMO)! Furthermore, we explicitly distance ourselves from animal testing.