Go Green: For the Earth, for us!

Energy consumption, shipping, online shopping: There are plenty of ways to fight climate change. At Fairvital we are taking part, because sustainability is a topic that concerns us all.

Fairvital shipping boxes: 80% recycled material

The shipping boxes used by Fairvital consist of 80% recycled materials. To ensure material stability, 20% virgin fiber is added. The virgin fibers come from broken woods from sustainable forests. The glue that holds the board together is made from natural corn, wheat or potato starch.

Biodegradable air cushions

We at Fairvital often can't get rid of the stuffing used during shipment. After all, we want to transport our products undamaged.

When asked what is better for the environment, if cushions made of paper or plastic, many people would answer paper. But some things are different than they seem at first glance:

Our air cushions are sustainable because they are low weight and require very little material. They consist of almost 100% air.

We are proud to say that our air cushions are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are made of recycled plastic. In the presence of moisture, they are completely biodegraded within 12 to 14 months. They do not leave any toxic residues.

Bills, invoices and correspondence on recycled paper

Recycled paper instead of virgin fiber paper protects the environment, the resources and the rainforest. Each fiber can be used up to seven times. In this way, there are fewer trees cut down and less waste.

We print all Fairvital invoices and bills on recycled paper. Paper production consumes 100% less wood, 72% less energy, 83% less water and 53% less C02 and is therefore more efficient.

For the environment and for ourselves!