Sponsoring Herrmann

He rides a bike without a saddle, climbs on trees with it and no obstacle can stop him: Hannes Herrmann - an extraordinary athlete.

He is a six-times German champion, vice-European champion and fifth in the world ranking of the International Cycling Union (UCI) in mountainbike-trial.

It looks dangerous to us, but for Hannes Herrmann it´s pure passion. The mountain biker from Chemnitz, Germany understands his profession like no other specialist in Germany. His much-loved sport is Hannes Hermann´s top priority, but he still masters his studies at the college of Mittweida in business engineering with distinction.

The vice-European champion and WC-fourth-placed of 2012 receives an additional German scholarship for top athletes only chosen athletes benefit from. The daily stress is high, that´s why a healthy way of living and a balanced nutrition are essential."I´ve been focussing on health-related issues for years. I´m trying to supply my body with everything it needs and keeps it healthy. I prefer natural food and dietary supplements which don´t contain unnecessary anti-caking agents, sweeteners, colourings and bulking agents. Fairvital offers the ideal products", Hannes Herrmann explains. "My favourites are Fruits & Vegetables plus and Basic PH."

The secondary plant substances, which are produced by fruits and vegetables to protect themselves, are also able to protect humans. So far, research scientists have found approx. 30000 different secondary plant substances, of which 10000 in edible plants. In every type of fruit and vegetable is a different composition of these bioactive helpers. The functions of every secondary plant substance are as different as the plants.
Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of antioxidants. To counteract the elevated oxidative stress in competitive sports, the daily amount of fruits and vegetables has to be enhanced significantly, which is often not only a problem of time. Too big amounts of plant-based foods can strain the intestinal tract. Fibre and fructose in many fruits are primarily responsible for this. Fibre is essential for the normal function of the intestinal tract. That´s why no athlete should avoid fruits and vegetables. The increased requirement can be met with dietary supplements, which are easily available for the body and don´t strain the intestinal tract. Fruits & Vegetables plus is the ideal product. It also contains probiotic cultures and conenzyme Q10.

Intensive physical extertion causes the body to transform more carbohydrates and fats into energy, which also generates acids such as lactic acid or keto acid. To prevent exertional over-acidification, Hannes Herrmann chose Basic PH. Hyperacidity quickly causes loss of performance and muscle cramps. The strength decreases and the risk of injury increases. The bones, muscles and ligamentous apparatus are overloaded and worse trainable. It is absolutely essential for athletes to prevent hyperacidity to stay healthy and to deliver high performance.

What is bike trial?

Bike trial developed in the early seventies. Trials are principally ridden with bikes without suspensions and without saddle. It is important to have perfect control over the bike in every situation. Trialers not only race, they also jump across every imaginable obstacles, often at a dizzying height. Body control, a good sense of balance, concentration, strength, endurance and courage are equally demanded and promoted. But imagination is important too, because every situation requires an appropriate riding technique.
The goal of the trial competition is to move the bike through a natural or fake parkour with as little body contact as possible with the ground or obstacle. The sections are often so difficult that they can´t or can hardly be made by foot. The course can hold different elements such as steep ramps or descents, river crossings, root passages, rocks, tree trunks or stumps, gravel sloped or mud passages, concrete pipes, pallet stacks, cable reels, planks, oil barrels or old cars. (source: Wikipedia).