Actively engaged in animal protection

Fairvital is actively engaged in animal protection

Reinheitsgebot… because we know that animals are often treated disrespectfully in our society
… because we don´t want to look away
… because we want to help animals unable to help themselves

The Dutch Dierenbescherming (engl.: animal protection) has almost 200.000 members, donors and voluntary helpers and is the biggest national organisation which cares for the well-being of all animals. It´s not only about helping the approx. 35.000 homeless cats or the approx.14.000 dogs every year, but also about farm animals, wild animals and laboratory animals.

The organisation´s aim is to reduce animal suffering through immediate animal welfare, political strategies and knowledge transfer for the purpose of consumer guidance. Every animal has its own value and is an independent creature. That´s exactly how every animal should be treated.